Take the first step toward a healthier future.

You could come up with many reasons for not taking your medicine but they’re not as important as the reasons for taking it. For starters, sticking to your prescription can help you live a longer, healthier life. Why do you want to take your meds and stay healthy? To spend more time with friends and family? To do something you’ve always wanted to do? List your reasons here and print it out as a reminder. It’s up to you. Take the pledge. Take your meds.

List the Reasons Why You Pledge to Take Your Meds

Complete the pledge below for yourself or someone you know. You can use the suggestions provided or create your own. You can include up to six “I WILL” statements in your pledge and upload a photo to go with each. Your pledge is completely private and will not be seen by others unless you choose to share it.

Here is a sample pledge:

I WILL grow old with my wife.

Enter your own "I WILL" statement Do you want to add an image to help convey this? Actions