Team Challenge

Script Your Future’s Medication Adherence Team Challenge

Script Your Future knows that it takes the active involvement of the entire healthcare team to improve adherence.  Healthcare professionals play a critical role in helping patients understand the safe and effective use of medication.  Pharmacy, medical, nursing, and other health professions students, as well as community members, all have a unique role to play in improving medication adherence. 

Why Participate in the Challenge? 

  • Excellent sustainable program that focuses on community engagement 
  • Trains the next generation of healthcare leaders 
  • Top teams are awarded a stipend and certificate 
  • Access to an alumni network 

Important Challenge Dates 

  • November:  Information Call 
  • December:  Dean/Faculty Advisor Selected; Team Point of Contact Submits Letter of Intent 
  • January—March: Challenge is Live! 
  • April: Teams Submit Reports/Judges Score and Select Winning Teams 
  • May: Winners Announced, Prizes Awarded 

Hear from Script Your Future Alumni…

“The Script Your Future Team Challenge was a great way for our pharmacy students to collaborate with other health professional students and positively impact our community by being a part of the COVID-19 response efforts, vaccinating thousands of individuals against COVID-19, addressing vaccine hesitancy, as well as providing patient education regarding medication adherence. We appreciate the opportunity the Challenge offered our students, and we are looking forward to participating again this year!”

“Participating in Script Your Future was a refreshing experience and helped me and my students step outside of our frustration with the COVID-19 pandemic and do something about it. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to work with colleagues and students from other programs toward a single goal. Everyone, especially the students, really stepped up and thought outside the box to achieve the goals of Script Your Future.”

“I am extremely proud of the efforts of our team to achieve vaccination rates as high as 96 percent in our community. This is just a small testament to what we are all capable of in contributing to keep our communities safe and I am excited for future efforts.”

“The Script Your Future program has been a unique opportunity for our students to experience patient interactions outside of the classroom. Our team’s students have counseled patients on the importance of medication adherence, in addition to vaccinating patients in our community. It has been a pleasure for both the students and the faculty to have been participants on this program.”